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Tow Truck Websites

It seems most towing websites stuck in the 90’s. A quality website sells your quality. If it looks old and outdated, people who visit your site will probably pass that same judgment on to the business and the way it operates.

In today’s world, technology is becoming more of the norm than ever before. It’s also becoming easier to find information. A website and an online presence are a must for your towing business to thrive. People google everything. Apps like Yelp and TripAdvisor offer real time ratings from consumers.
Websites need to be clean, easy to read, easy to navigate, and have a content rich website.
As a new towing business or even an existing towing business, it’s important to have a solid online presence. You don’t need to be an expert in the field because there are people who can take care of the details for you. It’s good to have enough information so you know the questions to ask when searching for a reputable company to work with.
Here are some tips and tricks:
Website builder – First place to begin is to get a website built. There are some great drag and drop platforms for building your website. There is no one size fits all though. I’ve worked with a number of platforms and by far Weebly is the best in terms of ease of use. It’s so simple if you wanted to cut costs and you could build yourself a quality looking site yourself.
Google My Business Page – It’s imperative to have a Google My Business (GMB) page as well. Most of the time people navigate through the internet by typing in keywords – doing a search. In the towing industry, Your potential customers will probably type in something along the lines of towing company.
When those potential clients do a search for your service, there is a map section and Google displays only three businesses. Those businesses have prime real estate! Each of those businesses have one thing in common, a GMB page.
You want to find a company who can take care of this for you so it’s done correctly.
Citations – These are also called directories and are just as important to having a GMB page. Citations are places where your business name, address and phone number appear. They fuel your GMB page. Without Citations your business won’t make it to the top three businesses of the map section. Some directories are Yellowpages, Yelp, and Foursquare. There are many great places that will list your business for you for a small one-time fee. Do your research, or have the same company who is doing your GMB page do your Citations too.
Facebook – Create a business page! Invite your friends and family to like it. Post fun things, along with posts related to your business. Paid ads are a very popular and influential. It’s a way to boost a post, target certain people that you want your post to reach to spread awareness of your business.
I hope these tips left you with enough information to be empowered. 

Finding the Right Banking Partner for your tow truck business

Banks are as common as coffee shops these days. Finding your perfect bank takes lots of questions and research. Take some time asking mentors, other towing companies and some internet research to find towing company-friendly banks.  There are several things you need to price out before creating a relationship.  There is little more frustrating than having a relationship with a banker who won’t lend to your industry for equipment finance or expansion.  


Things to Consider


One thing to consider is how you will get paid.  You can receive payment via cash, check, automatic deposit (from insurance companies and auto clubs), and visa/mastercard.  You need to know how much your bank charges for each of these transactions.  Most banks give you a certain number of free transactions a month before charging a per transaction fee.  Your merchant services account, your ability to receive visa and mastercard payments, does not have to be through your checking account bank, though there may be perks for doing so.  For processing these payments, there is a flat monthly fee and a per transaction fee.  You’ll want to find a processor who processes their own payments, not someone who contracts those out.  Most contract out.  You’ll also want to price renting a machine versus purchasing one outright.


Another thing to consider is lending.  There are many ways to borrow money and even more reasons to do so. Banks lend on equipment not just the vehicle.  They lend on vehicles.  They have fixed rate loans and variable lines of credit.  Most business lending requires two years in business with a profit.  Fixed rates loans typically serve a specific purpose, often referred to as purpose loans, while lines of credit are open ended, serving different purposes at different times. it can be used for cash flow, expansion, smaller equipment purchases and whatever else comes along.  All banks are credit driven, meaning your credit score is the primary decision maker in lending, followed very closely by income.  The third should be relationship. You want to work with a bank who values all you do with them.


Credit cards are a necessary evil.  Driving a tow truck takes lots of gas and you may have employees driving for you.  You don’t want to send them cash or have access to your checking account via debit card.  A good credit card allows you to manage their expenses, limits and allow you access to real time spending.  Most credit cards offer rewards now as well.  Cards shouldn’t have an annual fee unless its a travel card.  Travel cards are for big spenders who don’t intend to carry a balance month after month.


Finally, you want a bank with a self-service friendly online banking option.  You will be working 24 hours and won’t be able to fit most your banking into 9-5.  You want to be able to transfer funds, pay bills, order checks, file disputes, and anything else you’re used to calling the bank for.  Also, developing a relationship with a live banker at the local branch so you can email with questions.  

You want someone who knows you. Someone who knows your industry, how your cash income stream is earned and what your major expenses are.  A banker can be your best friend as a business owner.