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It’s nice to have a roof over your head, if you are sailing across the ocean. And it’s said that there is a constellation in southern Colorado skies right now that represents the roof of the back end of the ship. You’ve heard it referenced before, Even as you giggled at the name poop deck.

learning about: A Stern take a look Asmidiske

the month of january 2, 2017 We start the new year on Looking Up by investigating Alnitak, A legend in Orion’s belt. Men of a age often need a good, Tight belt to keep up their pants. The constellation of Orion the Hunter is the same. That famous grouping of stars now characterizes the Southern Colorado night sky, And as you appear at Orion, You realize that he has a belt of three stars across his midsection. From your stars, the best Orion Nebula seems to hang down like a sword.

searching: And toward 2017,

December 19, 2016 This week on Looking Up Guest host Bruce Bookout sheds light on the longest night of the season and how it’s celebrated by other cultures. Our Colorado nights are getting deep and as we get to the longest night of the season every culture celebrates the winter solstice differently. Solstice hails from latin, so “uv rays” and even “to stand still, since the winter solstice is also an event that marks the return of the sun’s presence in the sky, It has been associated with renewal, birth, light gods, And life death revival deities. There are traditional championship title that gave people hope sunny days lay ahead.

getting better: Long night of Journey Into Day

December 12, 2016 This week on Looking Up Hal is right on target with this evidence of the moon occulting Aldebaran (the attention of the bull). About a year ago we talked about a very worthwhile and very bright star in the southern Colorado sky, Aldebaran. The brightest star in cheap jerseys the constellation Taurus, Aldebaran is the 13 th brightest star at night sky. This bright red star could be the bright red eye of Taurus the bull. And it’s visible nearly all night during a bitter winter, with regard to, Something gets the way.

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