More Towing Services Offered = More Sales

Tow companies are so much more than towing. They can unlock doors when you’ve locked yourself out They can change your tire for you. They can bring you gas, pull you out of the snow, mud or sand, jump start a dead battery and sometimes some minor repairs.

They tow.

Towing may be needed for more than emergency towing. They can haul RV’s, boats, motorcycles, classic cars and luxury cars for many reasons.

The Flatbed truck carries the vehicle completely on the back of the truck. It carries heavier loads or disabled loads.

Sling or Hook and Chain truck- Less often used because of potential damage to vehicles. They hook on to an vehicles frame and drag them. Mostly used for vehicles that have been in accidents.

Wheel-lift trucks position themselves under the front wheels and lift the front off the ground.

An integrated or repo truck is a specialized truck that integrates a combination of equipment. These trucks are used for repossession. They are needed so drivers don’t have to exit their vehicle to hook them up, risking running into the owner.

They unlock doors

Countless times people lock their keys in the car, sometimes even with kids seat belted in! A tow company can get your car unlocked quickly and without damage.

They change your tire.

Most cars come with spares and the towing company is more than happy to change it out for you.

They can bring you gas.

They will bring your dry car gas. Don’t worry about calling a friend or walking to the station, let them come to you, give you a couple gallons so you can coast into a gas station.

They can pull you out of stuff.

Sometimes you just need a little tug, not really a full tow. There are times you’re able to drive on your own, as long as you can make it out of the mud, or the snow, or the sand, a ditch, or off the ice or where ever else you find yourself stuck in.

They can jumpstart your battery.

For those times you’ve left your lights on, your door ajar or the ca just sat too long and you can’t get it to turn over, the towing company can come jump you. They’ll come to your home, the mall, work or your campsite.

They do minor repairs.

Some tow companies have their own repair shop as well. If this is true, they have full service repair. If not, there are a few minor things they can do, roadside. They can fix broken lights. They can attach hoses or clanking parts. They can replace windshield wipers or just listen to a noise, reassuring you that there is enough drive left in the car to get it checked out.

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